Lynne Perrella is coming to The Studio in Winchester!

As You Like It / Much Ado About Mixed Media with Lynne Perrella

3-Day Workshop
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
June 6-7-8, 2014
Sponsored by Anne Bagby Art Studio
Winchester, TN

I am so pleased to announce that Lynne is doing a workshop in my newly renovated studio.  
With very small classes and lots of room, it is really something special for everyone.
 I hope you can join us. 

email Lynne


Gelli in the Studio

We have been working with circles this week in the studio.  Dianne Hicks brought her Gelli plates and all the equipment to Winchester from Dallas and showed Bonnie Benson and myself the new technique for printing that is stencil based.  There is lots of texture in this process

and quick color change since she uses a hard brayer and puts a small amount of paint on the plate.  Dianne makes her own stencils and mixes them with machine made, store bought ones for a great effect.  We had a grand time!

Casey ruins our efforts for a formal picture.

Dianne Hicks demo-ing for us. 


The Dates for the workshops!

I am sorry I left off the dates for the workshops: 

White Queen, Red Queen, and the Queen of hearts
October 25, 26, 2013 optional day October 27th

 September 6-7, 2013


Fall week end workshops

I want to let anyone who arrives on the blog to know my workshop schedule for fall 2013.  I was asked to have a workshop in my studio on the week-end and to have a day free for each artist to work on her own project or to finish the class project.  With such small groups, this seemed like something I could do.  This way, everyone can get the answers to their questions and I can work with individuals who want to print or to mix colors or collage or draw.  So I am offering two days of fast paced instruction with an optional day of individual assistance and attention.

I am also offering a weekend of studio-play.  We will collage papers and abstract designs of all kinds.

Save the dates: Week-end workshops in Winchester, Tennessee.

Collage Week-end
Two days of cutting, tearing and paste!  This is a laboratory-style workshop where you can experiment with various ways of using paper of all kinds. The class progresses from Speed Collage to Precision collage. If you love paper or think you might like to learn, this is the class for you.
 $200.00   $100.00 deposit email me for details and supply list.

White Queen, Red Queen, and the Queen of Hearts
Join me in my studio for a mixed media intensive workshop with a regal theme.  Two days filled with all the techniques I know for a beautiful patterned surface. Shape, stencils and elegant pattern. All supplies furnished, all skill levels, 4-8 students,
Optional third day for one-on-one self-directed work. 
$400.00 for Workshop, 175.00 for extra day
$200.00 deposit
Email me for information,

I have enjoyed having small groups and working in my own studio where I have all the supplies and tools I need.  Everyone has plenty of room to work in a light, sunny studio.  I hope you can join us.


What is happening in my studio?

I have been putting off writing this post:  but the time has come to take action.  I have learned a lot so far and I have great ambitions.  But I need to regroup.  A lot of great things are happening in my studio, or at least I think so.  I would like to post them.  But lack of time, lack of organization and a new camera are keeping me from doing a very good or timely job.  I can’t seem to get ahead.  I can’t seem to take very good photos! 

I dropped my old camera.  I purchased a SLR. This camera is going to be great for me. I learning about aperture, raw, depth of field, light balance, tethering a camera and more.  Wow!  What a lot to learn. Learning new things is fun, but I am a little slow with machines.  AND I have new photo software to figure out.  Good photos are essential for an art blog.  It is all visual, right?

I am working on the camera problem.  I am trying to reorganize and I am trying to work out in my head what my goals are.  I want to be sure of what I want to do. 

So I am going on Hiatus.  Time to take a break.  During this interruption I will learn how to take better photos, plan what I want to say, develop a schedule of posting and put what I have learned from this blogging session to good use.

Thanks to all of you that have helped me get started.  I will try to make you proud!  Come back and see me in about a month. 



Bonnie Benson has just returned from California and a showing of the fabulous work of Isabelle de Borchgrave.  Ms Borchgrave is of considerable interest to me since she combines fashion, the figure, and paper in what could loosely be called a collage and more than a collage.

Here is what Bonnie had to report: A Sunday in San Francisco

Proclaimed from every light post, “Pulp FASHION the Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave” The show drew me to San Francisco like an oversized magnet.

Jump on the #38 bus, Geary Street, for a sunny ride across town to 33rd Street.  Change to the #18 bus, or if your impatient like me, hike your way up the hill to the Legion of Honor where the Lions welcome you to a fantasy in paper.

You enter the show through Isabelle’s bigger than life studio.  Everything in paper, of course, and everything hugely over sized. Yes, pencils, scissors, paint brushes and paint pots all out of paper. The only fabric in the place was the table covering which is the actual fabric off of her worktable, and of course dated in the corner

 To the left several manikins show various stages of her design process plus, videos showing her working in her actual studio.

This is just an introduction to six amazing galleries overflowing with Isabelle’s art.  For those of us who love the detail, most of the garments were displayed so you could get your nose an inch away, before the guards started warning you not to touch.

It is amazing how many different textures she can get from one piece of paper. Pleated, all done by hand, crinkled, satin-smooth.  What may look like solid color in a picture has been over painted, sponged, brushed, or stamped. This woman has used every paint technique, every textured gel, and every kind of paper that you can think of.  Just about the time you “get” how she accomplished a look, she shows you three other ways to do it.  I was on my tenth trip through the galleries, in two days, I was still seeing new things, taking more notes, getting more ideas.

I ended up with a notebook full of notes, more than enough ideas to keep me going for more than a year. 

There is a beautifully done book of the exhibit, but like all her books it only begins to show the amazing talent of this woman. Drop by her website, and do plan to spend some time, checking out every button and watching every movie. 

If you live near San Francisco you still have a week to see Isabelle De Borchgrave’s paintings at the Serge Sorokko Gallery.


Dinah Shore House, Winchester TN

In April of last year I won a house at auction.  It is almost a hundred years old and the last owner had been in poor health.  The inspector said it was in pretty good shape considering.  But it looked bad and needed a lot of work.  Richard was discouraged and even I had a moment of panic after I made my bid.  I had only enough money for one bid and it was followed by complete silence.  What had I done?

For the last year Richard, Randy Judge and his friends, Randy’s mother and myself have transformed the house into the perfect studio and guesthouse.  I am across from the library, near a coffee shop and the post office.   I have lots of light and lots of room.  I love it.

From 5 to 7 on Saturday, May 7th,  
we are having an open house 
to celebrate our first year.
If you live near by, come see our progress,
my new paintings and a few old paintings. 
Look for the yellow house across from the library parking lot. 

This is the house where Dinah Shore was born.  

It has a plaque in front put there by the city. 

That week end is the International Dogwood festival. 
Come see the work that has been done
 on the restoration of our historic down town. 

I hope you can join us, Anne