Gelli in the Studio

We have been working with circles this week in the studio.  Dianne Hicks brought her Gelli plates and all the equipment to Winchester from Dallas and showed Bonnie Benson and myself the new technique for printing that is stencil based.  There is lots of texture in this process

and quick color change since she uses a hard brayer and puts a small amount of paint on the plate.  Dianne makes her own stencils and mixes them with machine made, store bought ones for a great effect.  We had a grand time!

Casey ruins our efforts for a formal picture.

Dianne Hicks demo-ing for us. 


  1. I love Gelli printing, there are so many different ways you can use the plates. I used to make my own from gelatine and had some great weathered textures as the plate deteriorated, but the commercial one is so much more convenient.

  2. We really enjoyed learning a new way to print pattern. Love the texture!

  3. It's wonderful how creative your prints are. It seems you are powerful team.