Santos and Manikins: a more interesting still life!

In order to make my drawings livelier, I have been giving the manikins in my still lifes faces and real hands.  The traditional Santos have carved faces and are similar from the waist up.  These examples are a few from the book, The Divine Home (A lovely book.) Some of the Santos are also dressed and jeweled. The open skirt is where they were dressed.

By the way, if you would like to buy a Santos or a manikin with a carved face, try SantosCageDolls.  Some of their Santos also have wings.  


  1. I have always loved these especially when we traveled to the Missions in Calif. I secretly wished I had one. I have never thought to try to make one and may have to think about it! Thanks for sharing, these are beautiful!

  2. Janine, I enjoy your blog! thanks for your comments.

  3. I love the serene kind faces of the santos. I am too cheap to buy one, so I will have to try and make one.