Shape and line and white

There is a lot going on right now.  I am preparing for a show in May and in June.  One of them is an open house at my own studio and one is at Oak Ridge, TN.  I have pledged to finish all my 12 x 12 inch paintings before May: There are 40 in Springfield and 40 on my walls.  Any that doesn’t look good by then, gets painted over!

BUT I am also considering line and shape with colored pens.  A while back I bought all the colored pens I could find. I was obsessed.  I am using them to do my usual 15-minute daily drawings. (Sometimes it takes longer than 15 minutes)  This is a different way of working from my shaded pencil drawings that I habitually do.  I have found that the best way for me to work with pens (without my eraser) is to start with yellow and get progressively darker. 

I put all the drawings from my sketchbooks on the studio wall.  On another wall I put all the white panels I have made, collage and gel and paste produced bumpy surface.  Now I need to put the two together.  First I have those 12 x 12s. . . So for now I just continue the drawings.

This was on yupo.

Here are some of the panels I plan to paint on.


  1. oh, master tell me what pens you found that will write consistantly over gesso, acrylic, pastels etc etc. they drive me crazy! I realize thats not what you are using them for but in trying them out you must have made some discoveries! your project of 40 looks daunting . I'll be anxious to see how you progress! Toni said last nite she wished you'd give a 5day class at your studio so we could come , stay in some neat bed and breakfast, and pick your wonderful brain! but I can see you are too busy at the moment!

  2. Lyle, as usual you give me food for thought. I don't know, but we can consider the question of what works on acrylic and let you know if we find out. (Not sharpies, that's for sure.)
    I would love to have you come to the studio, but not for a while. The open house has to be behind me first!

  3. Anne, really interesting and helpful to see how you work. Inspired by your art, I have been carried away painting and printing papers for collage - gorgeous results, but I seem to suffer a block when it comes to actually incorporate them into finished paintings. Your idea of completing several backgrounds before adding an appropriate focus could help me. Thanks for sharing your process on your blog.

  4. Sonia, thanks for your comment. I went by and checked out your website. Not papers for me to see, but I loved your miniatures. Flowers and patterns seem like a natural combination.

  5. I adore how you draw your faces!!! Your work really inspires me and I am so happy to follow along with your blog to learn more about your processes.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yesterday I got your video, Pattern and Form. I am enjoying it so much! It inspired me to start the night- time drawing practice! I have been using printmaking to make papers for collage and have made so much paper and not too many collages yet. So glad you have this blog where I can continue finding inspiring thoughts. Thanks