More Manikins!

Here are some scans from my sketch books of manikin figures.  I like to combine puppets, robots, santos and Manikins, all articulated figures. I am planning on doing some still lifes with manikins on the white panels.

This is my large manikin in the Studio.  I couldn’t stand that she didn’t have a nose so I made one, and some ears. 
She does have really nice hands and feet

Below is a robot  from the cover of Scientific American, Jan 2007. This figure, not a real robot, is a lot better articulated than our home manikins.  I want to be able to draw a manikin that moves like that!

This girl on the bike is from a book called. “Sexy robots” by Hajime Sorayama   
He takes pin up photos and makes them into robots.

I am always looking at how manikins and other figures, such as puppets, are articulated.  The figure on the left is from a Harrod’s catalogue.  The hands on this manikin are much more elaborate than my small manikin.  I can change the hands on my drawing to match the catalogue figure.  I think the yellow figure, which has been photoshopped would be a more interesting drawing if he had had articulated fingers.

The bad photo on the left, I took in ABC Carpet in New York, obviously this interesting creature, which had an animal head, has had some surgery and a reconstructed arm. Not your usual manikin!


  1. fascinating post and I love your sketches... spent a life time in retail, so I have seen a lot of manikins these are very cool..