Pens and cameras!

I am talking to the Tullahoma Rotary about art today, so this will be short.  My camera is on the frits, but I hope to have it fixed or replaced very soon.  The hard part would be learning to use a new camera. I am not very good with machines.

I want to show you the step by step on my still life’s, when I can photo again. 

Meanwhile, here is a photo of Teesha Moore’s pens, which she had on her blog.  Sure puts my collection of pens to shame.  Makes me want to order some more.  Don’t you just love art supplies? And color? Teesha also had some cool new pages for sale showing what she can do with those pens.


  1. Ann, I love art supplies so much that I had my son in law re do the hall coat closet to store some, just some, of my things. So I'll probably be on Dick Blick's site in a minute....hmmmm, I don't have very many pens.......

  2. I would just like to find a few pens that always write on top of paint , pastels etc! havent found any yet and I keep trying!any suggestions? have fun with the Ladies!