Geometric Repeat Pattern

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite patterns, 
one I know you have seen many times.

 In a quilt design this pattern is called the Double Wedding Ring,
 but it has other quilting names such as  Rainbow, Around the World, Pickle Dish, Coiled Rattlesnake, Endless Chain, King Tut and Friendship Knot. 
 Double Wedding Ring seems to describe it best. 
(These quilts are from the American Folk Art Museum in New York. Thanks to Bonnie Benson for the photos.)

It is officially a geometric repeat pattern.
 That seems like a mouthful and I will always think of it as a diaper print. 
You can see the diaper in the deformed diamond shape formed by the circles.
 Basically it is a field of circles with diamonds formed from the negative space. 

This is a wonderful pattern, seen in lots of cultures. 
We saw it all around us in New York.


Like all repeat patterns it can be used as a background, a border or a motif.  Frank Lloyd Wright has made the basic pattern richer by using overlap and adding a square in the middle (the black stencils.)

Once I focused on this pattern I saw it everywhere.
 on the white on white pattern of my paper towels.
 It is on the cover of the container store handout. 
It is perfect on this poster for a show at the Library in New York
 and on these napkins.  It seems different every time I see it, yet the same.

This napkin design would make a nice stamp or a stencil. 
 I use this pattern a lot in my painting.

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  1. Lots more memories, liked the way you tied it into Frank, the pattern is everywhere.