woodless pencils on Yupo

In my new box of pencils, there was a water-soluble woodless pencil and I started with that pencil. This pencil didn’t work as easily as the watercolor pencils.  It took a lot of scrubbing to get back to white. The pencil marks did not smear easily.   It was difficult removing the pencil lines with the water.  I tried rubber paint shapers, paint scrubbers and finally Q-tips, which worked best for going back to white. 
I darkened some areas with a sharpie.
When I hung this drawing on the wall, I could see that the tie is at the wrong angle.  I lifted the pencil lines and the ink with water and re-drew it. Can’t do that on regular paper!
I sprayed the drawing with fixative and glazed it with acrylic.  This sort of up-tight drawing/painting could be better done on paper or canvas, but it is good to know that if I want an up-tight area, it is possible with yupo

My goal is to find a method of drawing on Yupo that I really like.  So far I am voting for the watercolor pencils, but let’s see how the other woodless pencils work.

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