Starting out slowly.

January 1, 2011

First post for my first blog.  I was told to just do it.  I was told the initial post would be awful but that everyone has to get past the first time.  I have a lot of ideas and plans for this blog. I have to work out how to take good photographs and how to upload them.  It is my project for year 2011,

My first step is to do some small, photo-sized drawings with woodless pencils on yupo.    I don't like showing my bad drawings, but I think I need to do that, show the bad with the good for this project.


  1. First question, Ann. I have never heard of a woodless pencil unless it would be a piece of charcoal. Clarify that one for me.

  2. When I took George James' workshop he mentioned how beautifully woodless pencils did on yupo. They are pencils that are all lead. I found them in art catalogues but the experiments I described here are the only drawings I have done with them. I need to explore them more.

    Thanks for commenting, I hope you can find this response!