Drawing on yuppo with woodless pencils and Lacquer thinner

I experimented with the woodless pencils and lacquer thinner (which I just happen to have, I think other similar solvents, such as mineral spirits will also work.)  This time the pencil did smear nicely, though I still had trouble removing lines all the way to white.   And I once again used a sharpie to get black.  I liked these pencils a lot better than the water-soluble pencil.  The big draw back is the need to use the oil based, smelly solvent, which also dissolved the pen marks.

Now I am going to have to see if this drawing will stay on the yupo and if I can paint acrylic and watercolor on top of it. 

I still like the watercolor pencils best.  Here are the drawings from George Jame’s class.  And some new water-soluble pastels.   I will try them next.

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