Woodless pencils on yuppo continued

I was concerned that the lacquer thinner would repel both the watercolor and the acrylic.  I sprayed the left half of the drawing with acrylic sealer, which seemed to adhere very well.  When I washed the drawing with watercolor, it worked well on the unsprayed side and made small dots of color on the acrylic spray.  The heavy body acrylic worked well in the background on both sides.  One swipe took off all the color and lines on the hair on the unsprayed side. (The lines you can see in the photo were done later.)  The newly painted color came off on the left side with the spray, but not the lines. The lines in the yellow were scraped into the yellow with a mechanical pencil, showing the black underneath.

I think this shows that the woodless pencils and the lacquer thinner is a workable choice for the initial drawing and can be painted with watercolor and acrylic.  The acrylic spray did not work well with the watercolor and wasn’t necessary to fix the drawing. I liked the scraped lines in the heavy acrylic.

If I have time over the weekend I will experiment with colored pens and will work with the water soluble  pastels when I return to the studio on Monday.

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