Busy Weekend

Now that April is here, I am beginning to panic.  I have an article for Artist Magazine that I need to finish up, the painting project I am working on and the Studio Visit on the 8th of May.  I have learned since Lara has been here how much I can pack into a day so I guess I will be designing invitations, drawing and writing full time for a while.  

Yesterday I produced a slide show at my class at Apple, lots of fun.  I am trying to up load it on my own.  I wanted it in ABOUT ANNE at the top of the blog, but no luck.   So here it is as a post: a year in 70 seconds: made with my Mac. My coach showed me how to do it in YouTube, but couldn't work it out at home: next time!  

It is a beautiful day in Winchester TN.  I hope Spring is here for good!


  1. I love it! The many faces of Anne! You are a wonder! p.s. Just posted new blog using the tile you had drawn earlier this week! had fun with it! lyle

  2. Thanks for the comment, I am going to check your blog right now!

  3. This is inspiring! I am glad to see someone else documents themself. If I don't take photos of me, no one else does. You look beautiful and confident. I especially liked the daring snips. I had been reading articles about women becoming invisible after 50 and I'm not buying it. Maybe we are not the lovely young svelte roses any more but we are something else, something stronger and more powerful.

  4. my sister has a phrase that makes me gringe "the bloom is off the rose" Blooms only last for moment, and are ever changing yr to yr. Its the roots that count, that make it strong and gives it the strength to continue in the face of any change.
    loved this clip