Interesting day in the studio!

Finally I have a camera!  It was harder than I thought to find one that would take good photos for printing and an easy one I could use.  We ended up with two cameras, one for Richard and my important photos, that I hope someday to be able to use, and a point and shoot.  (Even the "How-to for Dummies book" is too complicated for me to understand: I am dumber than a dummy.)  So Lara, my daughter and I spent the day arranging still-lifes and taking pictures and playing on the computer.  And covering more furniture with printed paper. 

I am now on Twitter!  ( @AnneBagby ) I am now on Hoot Suite and Alltop.  Lara is a great profile social media guru.  She also took the banner photo.  We go to Apple tomorrow to see if they can show me how to make a slide show.  If we are successful, I will post it this week.

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  1. Twitter, Hoot Suite and Alltop? You are way ahead of me in this social media thing. I have never even heard of Hoot Suite or Alltop!! Off to Google them now. Good luck with the cameras!