Zentangle calls this pattern "Bales"

Ah, Zentangle! by cakemaker727
Ah, Zentangle!, a photo by cakemaker727 on Flickr.

Since I thought the geometric repeat pattern would be a great free hand drawing pattern I looked it up on Zentangle. It was in in the April 18, 2010 news letter on their website. Here is an example off Flickr, the pattern in the top right.

In the newsletter (google Zentangle, I don't know how to do a link off Flickr, sorry) they say:

"Like many of our tangles, Bales begins with a basic grid. Then we add these little elongated rice shaped ovals. This is a great tangle because you can have fun taking it in many different directions. "

What they are describing is to little dots in a grid and then fill in with half circles that look like four-petal flowers. The dots keep the pattern precise: the petals don't get bigger or smaller.

If you like free hand pattern, Zentangle is a good place to start.

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  1. Anne, since we met in Mexico I have been much more aware of patterns everywhere. the zentangle one I think I saw on a wall around a garden in Charleston! Photos of old garden walls would probably be a spot to check for patterns right on the net no walking involved! tho walkimg is good too! thank for the interesting post.