Directions for an easy stamp using the Geometric Repeat Pattern

The blue border on this painting is printed using acrylic
 and a hand cut stamp
 that was made without  transferring the design, very easy.
 It is the same pattern that I posted last night.

In this painting I used the same stamp and stamped it right over the face and the hair. 
 It becomes a texture.

Here is how to make the quick and easy stamp 
from the Geometric repeat pattern. 
Taking an eraser or a scrap of safety Kut 
or any other printing rubber,
 hand draw the design with a sharpie and cut it out with an exacto knife. 
Perfection is not needed here.  
This is one of my favorite stamps. 

Use a cosmetic sponge to put acrylic on the stamp and then stamp.  
Or just use a stamp pad.  This is a good stamp to put in your purse for journaling on the go. 

Of course you can get the repeat pattern out of a  Dover book and transfer it:  it will give the stamp an almost perfect look,which is great,
 but it doesn’t have the charm of 
the hand drawn and hand cut stamp.

If you don't have a Dover book,
 I have posted examples of the pattern on Flickr . 
 Some of these examples would make good stencils, 
some are in fact stencils and some would make lovely large printing blocks.
This is a great pattern!


  1. I've been sending friends to look at your blog and now you are teaching them good things! wonderful! I now have a 14"deep by 20" wide by 20"tall 5 drawer cabinet stuffed with hand carved stamps . all are a result of one stamp carved at your direction four years ago! I carve almost every day!and love it! thank you!

  2. Lyle, I just love hearing this. I have enjoyed cutting patterns so much and I just love seeing others enjoy it,too. Especially if I showed them how to do the first steps.

  3. I have often thought about hand carving my own stamps. One of these days!