Why use Yupo?

Yupo is a non porous paper.  Meaning no paint sinks into the paper.  So wet paint, like watercolor paint, pools and runs, making delightful textures.  Textures you can't produce with a brush.  I am hoping to use the watercolor skills I developed over the years, tap into the ingrown textures of Yupo and enjoy using a very tough paper (rather than the very delicate watercolor paper.)  I don't want to give up my control, or at least I want some control of my lack-of-control.  And I want to continue using pattern.  Thus I am going to have to experiment.  Rather than do it when I get the whim, I thought it would be good to do it with a blog.

Here are my first photos to show what I mean by the wet textures you can get with non porous paper.


  1. I am so thrilled that you have a blog, Anne! For years I've admired your work and I have your video, but to actually follow along as you experiment is going to be awesome. I have some Yupo so I will get it out and join in the experimentation.
    By the way, I, also, got here from Lynne's blog. Her work is totally hers, and I love it. So having her comments along with your blog posts is multiplying the goodness.

  2. Another note.....I just found out that Yupo Corporation of America is right in my backyard....Chesapeake, Va.

  3. Deborah, I am so glad you are going to experiment with me. Please have patience right at first while I find my footing. I am taking a workshop with the Whipples this week-end, then hosting a Valentines workshop and leaving for New York after that, so I won't get serious until after the first week of February. See you then!