printing on Yupo and silk

I spent Monday Morning with two quilters, Beth  Porter Johnson and her Twin, Jeanette Kiechi.  We tried printing on various papers and fabrics.  I have done a lot of printing on my trio of papers, tissue, deli and book papers but not with rice papers or yupo.  We also tried cotton, some machine patterned quilting fabrics and various silks.

The silks printed beautifully and the all-out favorite was a sheer, transparent fabric that had a sheen.  It looked beautiful printed and  clearly showed any pattern it was layered over.  Beautiful!

The yupo held its own and printed perfectly.  I had used stencils on the painting of the profile at the head of the blog but hadn't tried printing.  It did much better than I expected on the rather large block (12 inches on the large side.) It did not slide.  Even tho soft and porous prints the easiest, the pattern printed perfectly.  Bods well for future painting. (I stamped dots using a kneeler over the lace pattern.)


  1. I take it the last pic is on the yupo?? are you using your hand carved blocks there except for the dots?

  2. Yes, this is on yupo. The block is hand-carved on enasco Safety-kut.