Valentine party!

This has been a Valentine day. I also did a taping today, about using the ruling pen. I will upload it tomorrow after my Apple computer class. But a lot of my time and thought went into Valentines.

In 2009, Bonnie Benson and I did a valentine swap.  Thirty women sent us ten valentines and we sent each of them back eleven and a hand cut stamp.  They also sent us 10 dollars and we donated this to Habitat for Humanity.  When I took the checks to the charity’s office, the man manning the desk told me that this modest amount would add a dishwasher, disposal and microwave to a habitat kitchen.  (I guess they don’t pay full price for anything.)  This made me feel great, that some down-on-her-luck woman could have a kitchen that some of us take for granted. And we had fun while we were doing it.
But Bonnie had broken her wrist during the time of the swap and didn’t feel like she got to enjoy the swap as much as she would like.  So we decided to do something else for Habitat on Valentine’s this year.  I had gotten a lot of the supplies I needed to restore my studio from the Re-store and I felt I should pay back.  SO we are going to have a studio valentine-making party and also raffle off one of my valentines and one of Bonnie’s 3-D pieces. 
I had fun today finishing my piece for the raffle.  I am looking forward to seeing what Bonnie’s King and Queen of hearts looks like.
Here are some photos from the 2009 swap.

Laurie Mika

Lisa Renner

Lyle Baxter

cards as they came in.

boxes ready to ship with valentines.


  1. Anne----Your blog looks wonderful! Pictures real crisp. Never heard of yupo, now I have. Enjoy the snow!

  2. anne, i'm just thrilled that you're blogging! i'll put your blog in my sidebar to help spread the word; forgive me while i gush, but i absolutely adore your work!

    reading back through past posts makes me want to the the yupo out *right now*. i've been using casein paint as a ground lately, and i'm wondering how that with watercolors on top will be on the yupo. yes, and then maybe some stitching... i've experimented with it a little in the past, and this makes me want to get it out again. thank you...


  3. Wow!!!! Look what I found. YOU!

    My own blogging has been few and far between lately but when I heard you had started, well.....

    Love these valentines. What is YUPO????? How is the studio? Happy New Year!

    I think we need to get another group together :-)

    xo Karen

  4. Thanks for your comments, I hope you will all try yupo and let me know how it goes. Karen, yupo is a very smooth, non porous paper that watercolor runs all over and makes interesting texture. The hard part is control. It should be fun to collage over. I plan to do a lot of that in the future.