Introduction to printing stripes: my first video!

In this video I show how to begin printing with acrylic on paper!
Please give me some constructive criticism, 
my plan is to learn how to film my progress in the studio.
I am starting with techniques I'm familiar with, 
but then I will move to Yupo!
More soon on our Valentine party.


  1. Anne , toni suggested I try this version open id as a way to comment! we'll see if it works, lyle

  2. Huzzah it worked! wordpress makes you go thru all sorts of gyrations! Did Karen cole reach your blog? for some reasom I missed that she had gone with you all to our favorite museum in mass. to see the icons. Toni and I discovered that on our way to squam a couple of years ago! wonderful.

  3. Lyle, thanks for my first comments! Please give me feedback on ways to improve. Anne

  4. hey anne, i think this looks great... the only thing i'm not clear on is the type of foam you're referring to. i can think of different kinds of foam to use, but it sounds like this is pre-glued...? another thing you might want to consider is uploading the video to youtube and then putting the video on your blog from there (it's easy - you just click 'embed' and put the code in your post). the advantage of using youtube is that you get a video that's a little bigger. otherwise the quality of your video is great. maybe a little more light on the supplies, but everything is easy to see. of course i love all of the shots of your work. : )

    thank you for doing this - i'm gonna mention this in my next post...


  5. Anne, I think its a great video, I love your art and the striped examples that you show here. I would love to see you working with stripes too and really showing how you do this, but that will take some more filming of course. :-)

    Welcome to bloggland!

  6. I love how you use your "stripes". I really liked the video but one thing I found is that it was really teeny so I enlarged it. When I enlarged it, it was too grainy to see well.

    Looking forward to exploring your art! I have arrived via Lynne's blog.

  7. Thank you all for your comments! I am not sure if this is the way to respond. I am learning by doing. I will try using YouTube next time!

    As for fun foam, Lynne, it is a great art supply. It is really called fun foam and you can get it in craft stores. I don't use the adhesive type in my art, but it makes making stamps easy. (I glue the regular fun foam in my art. The foam is archival but probably not the glue.)

  8. Thanks for this!

    I found your blog through Lynne's, and I agree that the larger video format using YouTube would be a good idea. Looking forward to learning more!

  9. thank you, anne, i'll check out fun foam. i've never tried it.

  10. Anne, delighted you've started a blog. I've kept track of your website for quite a long time, always hoping to see updates, but this is even better! For any of your followers who can't find the adhesive fun foam, I use the plain stuff and attach to my base block with double-sided tape - then just give it a coat of white acrylic to seal.

  11. Hi Anne!
    I have seen your work in several places... and I love what you do! The last place I saw your work was in the International Artist Magazine. I am excited to follow your blog and see more videos! One of my mentors I found by her videos on Youtube. Her name is Wyanne. She does mixed media, and her videos are really awesome! If you check her out, let me know what you think!