Clothing as collage, Clothing as a work of art

These are pictures, taken by Bonnie Benson, of a dress on sale at Bergdorf’s in New York.  

 We could only afford to take pictures. (Four Thousand Dollars for the dress.)

I love it!
At M and J Trim in New York, Bonnie, Richard and I bought many of the same do-dads that were on the dress. 

I was inspired by the dress to experiment using the breads and sequins.  There is just one layer of objects with space between them. 

After taking these pictures I decided to do another layer.  I will post a picture when it dries tomorrow.


  1. Amazing inspiration. I like your playing.

  2. Hi Anne,
    Your inspiration photo's are terrific, who would think a $4k dress?! And the resulting piece with so much yummy texture, and the ghostly white is gorgeous!